Matteo Zilla


Everyone knows him as a Pulce, but his real name is Matteo. Perfect alter ego of Pulce, Matteo is a professional communicator capable of transforming a pencil sketch on a graphic project by cutting fresh and original. Pulce is unconventional. Pulce’s inspiration is rebellious and curious, like a Pulce flickers and jumps from the pages of social networking to a design magazine or street art. Pulce loves the road, as well as Matteo loves his monitor. It is in these contexts that he lives, he creates and he moves, always looking for new fields of expression. Pulce doesn’t like to sit still, even at work. His first steps he made in Milan and the United States, where every passing day and the most important trends in the visual arts and communication. Today he’s open to new ways, who knows where he will go…

Artist works